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Watch Whitney’s “Polly” Video

Ahead of their forthcoming fall headline tour, Whitney have unveiled the official video for their new single, “Polly“. Tokyo-based award-winning animator and illustrator Sarina Nihei directed, animated and hand-painted the entire video over the course of two months. It focuses on vices that serve as causes for broken relationships between people and also represents the… Read more »

Luke Temple Announces New Album, ‘A Hand Through The Cellar Door’

Luke Temple, the creative mind behind Here We Go Magic, will release his stunning new folk album, A Hand Through the Cellar Door, on November 11th. Three years since the release of Temple’s last solo album, Good Mood Fool, A Hand Through the Cellar Door is, in many ways, his most straightforward collection of song-storying… Read more »

ANOHNI Releases Video For Crisis

Crisis If I killed your father with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I killed your mother with a drone bomb How would you feel? Father If I killed your children with a drone bomb How would you feel? Crisis If I tortured your brother in Guantanamo Im Sorry Now youre cutting… Read more »

Walking on Thin Ice – The Timeless Music of Yoko Ono

I was first properly introduced to Yoko Ono‘s music in the parking lot outside of Disc & Tape in Moorehead, MN. This was somewhere in the early ’90s, and my brother had just bought the Walking on Thin Ice collection. I remember it clearly because if felt like the first and last time I was… Read more »