We here at SC/JAG HQ are looking for a competent, dare we say, inspiring designer that can meet the following criteria:
1) High level of proficiency with Photoshop, Illustrator, Quark, InDesign, Image Ready, Dreamweaver and most other design based programs.
2) Experience with web design, HTML, PHP, MYSQL and FLASH.
3) An eagerness to learn new media.
4) Is detail-oriented, takes great pride in meeting almost all deadlines, but is also an effective communicator about any lapses, as they occur…
5) Adhere to and advance the overarching and mutually exclusive aesthetic of both labels.
6) Be able to work closely with the current art directors of both labels.
7) Humility breeds strength….

Preferably, but not required:
1) Multi-disciplined (photography, illustration, painting, etc)

? Please do not inquire if you are not able to move to Bloomington, Indiana. Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate long-distance relationships. Everyone knows they just never work out.
? Please DO NOT send examples of your work via email. CD/DVD-R’s, links, or physical packages only.

Any and all inquiries should be directed to ben@secretlycanadian.com.