DAVE FISCHOFF is back with his third album for Secretly Canadian; “The Crawl” to be released November 21, 2006. Album pre-order available and streaming now!

Thom Yorke has “The Eraser”, Scott Walker has “The Drift” and now Dave Fischoff has “The Crawl”.

“The Crawl” is the product of a single creative mind. Armed with a rather large arsenal of obscure samples culled from his life as well as the entire Chicago Public Library sound collection, Dave went to work. Alone in a near-downtown basement apartment, his mind took a very long trip, delving into the under-explored territory where electronic music, hip hop, and orchestral pop meet. Taking cues from The Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach to The Postal Service and Public Enemy, Dave Fischoff has conceived, collected, cut and pasted, orchestrated and created a piece of work that is large and complex yet utterly personal and easily accessible.

“The Crawl” features the visual art of the Australian-born, London-based artist, Emme Stone, whose portfolio can be seen here

The visual and audio combination is a vibrant piece of work, thick with ideas. Bright vivid colors and textured electronics mesh with beat-driven orchestral pop, and Dave’s needle-precision lyrics stitch the whole thing up into a set of songs that are lush, poignant and completely unique. Want to hear it for yourself? Just steer your browser to Dave’s website, where hi-res versions of each song are currently streaming for free.

This way, please: http://davefischoff.com/Music/

A pre-order option is available at the bottom of the page. Pre-ordering “The Crawl” will also allow you to purchase it as well as Dave’s previous albums, “Winston Park” and “The Ox And The Rainbow” at a discounted rate.