It’s been a couple months since the release of DAVE FISCHOFF’s The Crawl, but there has been a lot of recent action and attention we’d like to share with you.

First of all, we are proud to announce the release of Dave Fischoff’s first ever music video. The clip is for the song “Small Drifts” from his latest release, The Crawl. It pairs Dave’s harmony-laden vocals, electronic arrangement and stuttering beats with Super-8 footage shot by his grandfather, Joseph Fischoff, in the late 1940s and early 1950s. The Super-8 film was captured digitally and edited together by L.A. filmmaker Sean U’ Ren, who created a beautiful visual counterpart to match the song’s saturated sonics, rhythmic pulses and serene tone.

See it here

Or on Youtube

Second, Dave has compiled a 45 minute audio documentary for our Secretly Canadian podcast series. In it, he discusses each of his SC releases, from the earliest four-track experiments of his self-titled cassette in 1996 to the pop-electronic orchestrations of The Crawl. It’s a guided tour through the thought processes, recording techniques and overall love of sound that saturate everything he’s done. Tune in and enjoy the ride.

You can subscribe to the SC PODCAST through a few different companies depending on your preference:


Third, Dave has assembled his first ever backing band, featuring fellow Chicagoans Matt Hallock on bass and Matt Hennessey on drums and percussion.

The Crawl has received some nice attention that we’d like to share. KCRW, the Los Angeles-based powerhouse of a radio station featured “Rain, Rain, Gasoline” as one of their top tunes.

KCRW Top Tune

And National Public Radio picked up on it for their All Songs Considered program

NPR’s All Songs Considered

And these fine folks had some nice things to say:

This Chicago-based musician has drawn numerous comparisons to The Postal Service. This album surpasses The Postal Service’s work on so many levels – certainly lyrically and compositionally – but still retains their catchy, innocent charm.
– Chattanooga Pulse

Fischoff fashions a hefty musical composite, drawing upon the likes of the Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy ’60s pop sounds fuel Fischoff’s imagination into fluttering melodies. Add a splash of some of the Postal Service’s chunkier electronica elements, and you’ve found yourself in Fischoff’s whimsical world.
– Spin

As tales of reinvention go, Chicago-based singer-songwriter Dave Fischoff’s could sit comfortably aside The Count of Monte Cristo. On 1998’s Winston Park, he kept residence in the shell of an idea, carving fuzz-caked frescoes in the poetic gloaming. But The Crawl comes across almost like a Terry Gilliam take on Cristo, all exaggerated pieces filmed with a fish-eye lens that rarely stray from the main character’s rifts between fantasy and reality. Endearing indie-tronic melodies and low-bit pneumatics place Fischoff in the territory of Figurine/Styrofoam, but the jittery staging never subverts the humanity.

Though he channels Bjork, Brian Wilson, the Polyphonic Spree, and even Public Enemy, often within a single composition, Fischoff’s songs are intensely iconoclastic, a compendium of little obsessions that together create a vivid portrait of how their author views the world.
– PopMatters

And if you will be in the Chicago area, check out Dave Fischoff in action.

April 6 at Columbia College – Hokin Center Annex
623 S. Wabash, 1st Floor
Chicago, Illinois 60605
Cost: FREE!
with Mark Solotroff (Bloodyminded, 40th Day) and Aaron Dilloway (ex-Wolf Eyes)

as well as a DJ slot at the upcoming WLUW record fair:

April 14-15, 2007
Saturday 10am-6pm and Sunday 10am-5pm
Pulaski Park Fieldhouse 1419 W. Blackhawk, Chicago, Illinois