Plucking musicians from such bands as The 1900’s, The Notes and Scratches, Blue Ribbon Glee Club, and Trio In Stereo, Dave Fischoff has assembled a cast able to bring his studio mastery to a live setting. This is no small feat. Dave’s album, “The Crawl” is sonically expansive, full of organic sounds (drum breaks, violins, trumpets, bells, etc.) and electronically tweaked blips, pings and textures. But in a live setting, these songs take on a new intensity. Elements of the original electronic arrangements remain, particularly in the electronic percussion coming from Chris Kolodziej’s laptop, while Whitney Johnson’s viola helps retain the orchestral pop element present on “The Crawl”. But by bringing Dave’s guitar into the mix (which doesn’t exist at all on the album), and combining it with Matt Hallock & Kolodziej’s rhythm section, the songs morph into a new kind of animal, one that’s a bit hairier, a little less tame.

While the vintage Dave Fischoff show had a slow, quiet intensity to it, this new live sound is much more upfront, extroverted and energized. The whisper is now a roar.

This Chicago-based musician has drawn numerous comparisons to The Postal Service. This album surpasses The Postal Service’s work on so many levels – certainly lyrically and compositionally – but still retains their catchy, innocent charm.
– Chattanooga Pulse

Fischoff fashions a hefty musical composite, drawing upon the likes of the Beach Boys and Burt Bacharach, whose bouncy ’60s pop sounds fuel Fischoff’s imagination into fluttering melodies. Add a splash of some of the Postal Service’s chunkier electronica elements, and you’ve found yourself in Fischoff’s whimsical world.
– Spin

Tour Dates:

09/20/07 Chicago, IL – Empty Bottle w/ Early Day Miners + Odawas
11/01/07 Cleveland, OH – Beachland Ballroom w/ Jens Lekman
11/02/07 Chicago, IL – Logan Square Auditorium w/ Jens Lekman
11/03/07 Minneapolis, MN – Triple Rock Social Club w/ Jens Lekman