MARMOSET’s Record In Red Now On LP

Our friends at Joyful Noise Recordings have released on vinyl for the very first time one of our favorite back catalog titles MARMOSET’s Record In Red.

More information can be found HERE.

Pitchfork had the following to say:
“2001′s 13-song, 33-minute exercise in Anglophilic indie Record in Red, quietly ranks among the best albums released by Secretly Canadian.”

Originally released in 2001 on CD by Secretly Canadian, this epic and eerily-addictive album is revered as a dark pop classic of the Midwest underground. Record in Red is an album that has become a touchstone for damaged pop acolytes wanting to ferret out of one another just how twisted their fellow music lover’s tastes are. It is Marmoset’s finest moment and is now being released on vinyl for the very first time (with free digital download). The music of Record in Red sounds like it comes from a short, golden moment when the Seventies bled into the Eighties and from that place where melody and tone collude to seduce a truth from the darkside of the Midwestern urban experience. It is a hazy and brutal reality that evokes the strangest of nostalgias. The vocals and melodies are delicate, restrained, strange and somehow dissociative.

The final effect is nothing short of a poignantly psychotropic Velvet Underground-esque journey on a seriously heavy dosage of painkillers. Bald, minimally-structured percussion and moody vocals blend by the masterful hand of songwriter Jorma Whittaker (whose songs & vision disproportionately dominate this second full-length by the Indianapolis trio), giving the impression of being underwater – literally or chemically. Witness Marmoset’s slow, syrupy, crackling sound as it builds relentlessly toward a final and impossible intensity that is known simply as Record in Red.

You can purchase the LP HERE.


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