Today we bring you two exciting new releases. The first from Secretly Canadian veteran Jason Molina and his collaboration with songsmith Will Johnson, in the debut from MOLINA AND JOHNSON. Hailed as the “phantoms of folk,” Molina and Johnson brings together two of the finest indie-folk songwriters of the last decade to quietly lay to tape 14 crushing, haunting tunes, leaving space enough in each to match their surroundings. Each seem to hold the other’s talents to fire and elevate both performance and creativity. In the friendly sharing of ideas, Molina and Johnson become two poet’s poets in a workshop, aimed to craft a singular, searing elegy.

The second release comes from our label’s latest addition. YEASAYER’S “Ambling Alp” single is available today digitally and on 12″ vinyl. The single features remixes by Memory Tapes and DJ/rupture, with the vinyl packaged in a space age metallic sleeve. “Ambling Alp” was featured on this week’s Zane Lowe show on BBC radio, and the host checked in with the band’s Chris Keating. Chris talks about the creation of “Ambling Alp” and the band’s upcoming album ODD BLOOD, due out on Secretly Canadian in February 2010. Listen for Yeasayer around the 1:10 mark of the Zane Lowe show HERE.

Molina and Johnson and “Ambling Alp” are both available for purchase HERE.