SC233 In the wake of 2010’s Swanlights LP, we’re pleased to announce that Antony and the Johnsons will release the “Swanlights” EP this spring, including a 10″ vinyl version for Record Store Day on April 16. The Swanlights EP includes a remix of the title track by Oneohtrix Point Never as well as two exclusive b-sides. Anohni’s sister, Sara Hegarty, directed the “Swanlights” video. Anohni has described the concept of swanlights as “the reflection of light on the surface of the water at night and the moment when a spirit jumps out of a body and turns into a violet ghost.”

Antony and the Johnsons have also announced a performance at the TED Conference in Long Beach, CA on March 2. TED is a nonprofit dedicated to spreading ideas and bringing together people in the technology, entertainment and design fields.

Antony and the Johnsons released their latest album, Swanlights, last October on Secretly Canadian. Abrams Image simultaneously released a special edition of Swanlights that includes the CD inside a 144-page hard cover book containing Anohni’s paintings, collages, photography and writing. The album and book are a continuation of Anohni’s work exploring his connection to the natural world.

Swanlights EP Tracklist

1- Swanlights

2- Find The Rhythm Of Your Love

3- Kissing Noone

4- Swanlights OPN edit