The War on Drugs plot Slave Ambient Summer Tour, Adam G. Interviewed at FADER

The War on Drugs’ forthcoming Slave Ambient (Aug. 16; UK Aug. 15) is essential summer listening. Sweeping, bittersweet and bold. The whole thing just begs you to drop all four car windows and blow out those speakers. Last week, The War on Drugs announced US and UK dates for August and September. Joining them for most US dates will be Brooklyn’s Caveman. See all dates HERE.

Also last week, FADER sat down with WoD ringleader Adam Granduciel to discuss the making of Slave Ambient and Adam’s recording process overall. See the photo above for a look at The War on Drugs’ home studio in Philly’s Fishtown. Heavy Petty. From the interview:

FADER: So War on Drugs is pretty tied to a Philadelphia-centric identity. Do you think the band could exist if you’d never lived there?

Adam G: I don’t think so, no. Because so many things set the stage for where future albums will go too. The kind of stuff I’ve learned, the people I’ve met, actually really the place I’ve lived has been a huge part of it. I’ve had my studio there. In my house, we had the freedom to experiment all the time. We didn’t have any noise issues with neighbors or anything. So we could always just learn what it sounds like to run everything through amps or just all sorts of experiments. You don’t even realize at the moment that you’re learning, you’re just kind of playing around. Playing music all the time. I think that had a huge impact on the sound.


No Woman by Whitney
Exit 353 by Damien Jurado
Falling by Here We Go Magic
Ordinary Feeling by Here We Go Magic
Tokyo London US Korea by Here We Go Magic
Not You by Steven A. Clark


Translate by Suuns

You And Me by Ben Abraham

Exit 353 by Damien Jurado

Big Winter Jacket by Cayucas


Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land
CD / 2xLP
Ben Abraham
CD / 2xLP


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