Philadelphia’s The War On Drugs’ sophomore album of mile-high rock anthems, Slave Ambient, is due out August 16 on Secretly Canadian. We’ve shared with you the album’s instant classic, part Springsteen, part motorik anthem, “Baby Missiles” and now you can watch the song come to life with its video. Like the song itself, and much of Slave Ambient for that matter, the video has the same steering wheel-tapping movement, windows down, feeling the breeze on a summer day vibe. The video premiered at Pitchfork this morning.

The “Baby Missiles” video is culled and edited from The War On Drugs’ main man Adam Granduciel’s collected of super 8 film footage. The kaleidoscopic work throughout finds its raw source material in Granduciel’s experimental medium format photography, the very same exposed film featured on the artwork for Slave Ambient. The video is directed by Labour and produced by Greencard Pictures.

Look for The War On Drugs on tour in the US and in Europe this fall. All of the dates are listed HERE.