OTRtv: Gardens & Villa – “Orange Blossom”

Gardens & Villa have travelled far and wide this year, always with an Orange Blossom tucked in their pocket. Today we count down the top 5 “Orange Blossom” performances from around the world. This latest version (above via FILTER Magazine and OnTheRecord.tv) was filmed in Santa Monica just before the banded headed home to Santa Barbara for the holiday season. Click through for the rest of the list.

2. Earlier this year, the G&V boys teamed up with Yours Tru.ly to film in San Francisco for this baby grand piano and cajon drum version.

Yourstru.ly presents Gardens & Villa “Orange Blossom”


3. When the band came to New York on tour, The Wild Honey Pie was kind enough to host them in a yarn-filled room for their “Honey, I’m Home” series. We consider this the Stax Sessions version of OB.

The Wild Honey Pie Presents: Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom


4. This version was filmed in the UK with Bowlegs Music and plenty of lens flare. Star Trek vibes.

Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom


5. Last but certainly not least, we have a completely acoustic version filmed by Songs They Played on a chilly night in a courtyard in Copenhagen.

Gardens & Villa – Orange Blossom


Honorable Mention: Thor Slaughter & his flute ode to G&V.