As January 26 draws closer, Anohni gears up for the debut of Swanlights at Radio City Music Hall in New York City. Months of preparation have led up to a single night, a single performance. The visual concert webs in and out of Anohni’s dream world to portray the inner thoughts only someone as gifted and forward-moving as Anohni could create in a tangible space. A MoMA commissioned event, Anohni enlisted the help of several outstanding composers and lighting and set artists to make the show grow from a concert to an experience.

In Black and Gold: Anohni, V Magazine dives into detail about the upcoming show and what exactly it means to Anohni to perform such a production in the grandeur setting that is Radio City. “The scale of the production is less of a concern for the seasoned artist, who grew up performing in small East Village venues, than it is something to marvel at. ‘It’s funny because a lot of the songs are the same ones I performed at the Pyramid Club when I was 20 years old,’ she says. ‘To perform them with a symphony orchestra, in New York which is my home, is really rewarding.” Never forgetting her roots or the number of artists still struggling to survive, Anohni comments on the fortune she as been granted as “a reflection of a great circle of cultural artists and performers, transgender people, and punk women.”

To read the full article, visit V MAGAZINE and to witness Swanlights in person, purchase your tickets HERE. It’s an event not to be missed.