From November 16th through 19th, Jens Lekman will be having conversations with storytellers, then writing and recording songs based on their stories at Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center. Here’s the press release from the arts center:

Jens Lekman, born and reared in Gothenburg, Sweden, is a songwriter, adventurer and retired bingo hall employee. Across thirteen EPs and four albums of critical acclaim, Jens has repurposed the worlds great, lost pop hooks of past and present into songs of his own-making, breathing into them his droll sense of humor, romance and melody to give them newfound buoyancy.

With Ghostwriting, Jens seeks to turn your personal stories into song. Following a public call for story submissions, a diverse collection will be chosen with selected storytellers sitting down with Jens to share their tales of love, fear, and secrets. From there, Jens and his band will assemble the details of each conversation and quickly construct a pop song related to the shared moment. Once written, the songs will be immediately recorded and released online to the masses, each one serving as a celebration of the moments that shape us, and the world.

Ghostwriting comes as an extension of Jens commitment to write and record a new song for each week of 2015. These post cards are shared thoughts and experiences that invite the public into his artistic process as he assembles a catalogue reflecting where each week of the year has found him, both creatively and personally. For Ghostwriting, Jens reverses this role, offering an interested ear and megaphone for the idiosyncratic stories of everyday life.

Submit a story before October 12th here: http://bit.ly/JensLekman_Submit