HOPELESSNESS by ANOHNI is out today on Secretly Canadian. A collaboration with Oneohtrix Point Never and Hudson Mohawke, HOPELESSNESS is a dance record with soulful vocals and lyrics addressing subjects including surveillance, drone warfare and ecocide, global boiling and collapsing biodiversity. The album seeks to disrupt assumptions about popular music through the collision of electronic sound and highly politicized lyrics, and is a monument to Anohni’s powerful voice and career, as well as a Trojan horse for her message of our universal accountability towards our world.


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“Its probably the most outwardly political album youll hear this year, triumphant and wrenching all at once, full of moments that will bring chills and tears.”

Pitchfork Pitchfork 9.0 Best New Music
“She comes at her topics from unexpected angles sometimes identifying with forces of destruction, sometimes mourning their ravages but theres no mistaking the intensity of her conviction.”

The New York Times


“[ANOHNI] has embraced the challenging role of the political artist with growing force and explicitness, culminating in her new album ‘Hopelessness’, a frankly radical denunciation of what [she] views as the apocalyptic effects of America’s policies both at home and abroad.”

— Ann Powers ofNPR Music


“The soul and gravity of Anohnis voice anchors audacious beats and pretty melodies that might otherwise come off as frivolous. The upbeat pace suits her, and pushes her to flex a wider range in both her singing and lyrics.”



“Why doesnt more art aspire to do something that seems impossible? Hopelessness wont turn back history or undo politicsthat would be a foolish presumption. But, like the most powerful music, it reminds us of the importance of dignity, integrity, and imagination.”

The New Yorker



The powerful video for “Drone Bomb Me” is directed by Nabil and features an astonishing performance by Naomi Campbell. Directed by Nabil, art directed and styled by Riccardo Tiscifor Givenchy. Watch the video below:



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05/18/16 New York, NY Park Avenue Armory
05/19/16 New York, NY Park Avenue Armory
05/27/16 Sydney, AU Vivid LIVE
05/28/16 Sydney, AU Vivid LIVE
05/29/16 Sydney, AU Vivid LIVE
05/30/16 Sydney, AU Vivid LIVE
05/31/16 Sydney, AU Vivid LIVE
06/17/16 Barcelona, ES SONARw/ Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never
06/26/16 Holland, NL Down The Rabbit Hole Festival
07/04/16 Paris, FR Day Off Festival
07/07/16 London, UK Barbican
07/08/16 London, UK Barbican
07/12/16 Ostrava, CZ Colors of Ostrava
w/ Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never
07/15/16 Turin, IT Flowers Festival
w/ Hudson Mohawke, Oneohtrix Point Never
08/07/16 Katowice, PL Off Festival