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Gardens & Villa Daytrotter Session, Deluxe Edition on iTunes

Gardens & Villa swung by Rock Island, IL (neither a rock nor an island) to record a Daytrotter session that is full of magic. The new live tracks include a cover of Little Dragon’s “Runabout” that will surprise you with all its various textures and creative instrumentation as well as an extra-synthy “Spacetime,” “Cruise Ship,” “Thorn Castles” with plenty of flue accents, and the now-classic “Orange Blossom.” The deluxe edition of their self-titled album is now available on iTunes. This version comes with new cover art, remixes from GAYNGS and Richard Swift as well as bonus track “Hailey” and videos for “Spacetime” and “Black Hills.” Cop it now.

Suuns Bring Their Sexy, Menacing A-Game To Daytrotter


That’s right. Just look at those dudes. Suuns will cut you. And you’ll like it. The gang just capped off a coast-to-coast tour with a stunning performance at M for Montreal. Along the way, they laid down a pretty titillating set for the good people of Daytrotter. Get the jams — including early Suuns’ song “Disappearance of the Skyscraper” — RIGHT HERE.

And it seems Suuns have Daytrotter’s own Sean Moeller freaking out man. Moeller writes from the depths of his Suuns-induced psycho-paranoia: “From The Montreal band’s latest mind-fuck of an album is a discourse is taking a known thing or a known person and riddling it with holes and leaks all over the place. It takes some of those dark fears and makes them bright accusations, lit up fears that are then worn for a while and legitimately tamed. We tend to feel –when we’re panting and spinning in the vortex of a Suuns song — as if we’re blistering from getting cooked alive. We feel as if we’re being tested and as if we really are not here any longer. This — all of this that we’re hearing and experiencing – is the day of the locusts and that silent shrieking sound, like an emergency siren spraying off red warnings all throughout our head is our temporary warm and fuzzy feeling and we do like it.”

But yeah, to Moeller’s credit, it is kinda like that.

Marmoset’s Daytrotter Session


Our fellow Hoosiers and SC alums Marmoset turned up on Daytrotter this weekend, with a four song session that they recorded on the “Tea Tornado” tour last September. The session includes “Gretchen,” as well as unreleased tracks “Magic Makes You,” “Let You Know,” and “These Words.”

Listen to Marmoset’s Daytrotter session HERE.

BLK JKS’ Daytrotter Session Now Available For Download

Just as Johannesburg’s BLK JKS were beginning their first US tour in March of this year, they made a stop at Rock Island, IL’s Daytrotter Session studios to lay down tunes from their debut EP and from the forthcoming Secretly Canadian full-length, After Robots. Today, five songs from the session are available on the Daytrotter site HERE. Also, be sure to give a listen to the BLK JKS’ Daytrotter introduction, in which the band members introduce themselves in a spectrum of languages. It serves as a cool primer for the music that follows.

And Daytrotter’s Sean Moeller absolutely nails it when writing about the session: “The four members of Blk Jks, all from South Africa, build and build upon these very translatable and easily shared feelings of tricky, pantomimed and foggy imagination getting carried away with itself and making mountains out of molehills. Mostly sung in English and sometimes in their native tongue, Blk Jks are able to blend these many, many shades and colors into a stampeding jam party that makes you want to do some end of the world dirty dancing on a dark dance floor, in a bad part of town, in a city you’ve never seen, in a country you’ve never been to and just roll the dice to see how the sweatiness and the frequencies of the evening decide that they want to act out later on. It’s a sound that represents a night that could stretch on for a week and a day, taking us by the scruff of the neck and just yanking us into hurricanes, fistfights, passionate love sprawls, blindfolds and a firing squad if we’re unlucky.”

In September, BLK JKS are back in the U.S. for a tour and festival appearances. There is also a record release party for After Robots slated for Sept. 8 at New York’s S.O.B.’s. All live dates can be found HERE.

And a pre-order of After Robots, which includes a free poster and free digital download of Mystery Remix 12″ tracks by Osborne, is now available HERE.

RICHARD SWIFT’S SXSW Daytrotter Session Now Available For Download

When RICHARD SWIFT was not spending his 2009 SXSW stint absolutely blowing socks of crowds with his live version of “Lady Luck,” he also found some time to record a session with the venerable Daytrotter. Here, we find Richard beautifully knocking out four jams from his latest longplayer, Atlantic Ocean, and Mr. Daytrotter, Sean Moeller, finally nailing what we’ve always wanted to say about Richard: “Everyone I know who knows about Richard Swift – either knows him personally or solely through his music – find themselves getting exasperated quickly in their blushing and energetic approval of the man’s songwriting, of his sensibilities, of his knack, of his timelessness and of his genius. They all use that word – that G-word, we all do, when we get going about Dicky Swift…He writes songs that are forceful, innocent, damaged and resplendent without being tricked out and ‘worked on.'”

Check out the all the tunes HERE.


No Woman by Whitney
Exit 353 by Damien Jurado
Falling by Here We Go Magic
Ordinary Feeling by Here We Go Magic
Tokyo London US Korea by Here We Go Magic
Not You by Steven A. Clark


Translate by Suuns

You And Me by Ben Abraham

Exit 353 by Damien Jurado

Big Winter Jacket by Cayucas


Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land
CD / 2xLP
Ben Abraham
CD / 2xLP


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