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Jens Lekman Announces New EP & Tour

A new Jens Lekman EP is on the horizon. It’s titled An Argument With Myself EP, is comprised of five songs, and will be released in the US and Europe on September 20th (September 19th in the UK).

Jens granted an exclusive interview about the EP to none other than the Walla Walla Washington Union Bulletin. The Discussion covers many topics including recent travels, the new music, and “making a feather out of a bird.” Jens calls the EP “a little taste of what’s not to come.” For further illumination on that sentiment and others, click through for the full text as well as tracklist and US tour dates.

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Exitmusic Announce “From Silence” EP, Residency at NYC’s Pianos

New York City duo Exitmusic — comprised of Aleksa Palladino and Devon Church — will release their first EP this fall. The four song collection, entitled From Silence, will hit stores on October 4. They’ve also just announced a special late summer residency at NYC’s Pianos, rounding out their ranks onstage to include drummer Dru Prentiss and electronic musician Nicholas Shelestak.

Listen to “The Sea” from the forthcoming EP HERE. See Exitmusic’s tour dates & the From Silence track listing, and read more about the band after the jump.

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Download Swearing at Motorists’ To Gem City With Love EP

Just on the heels of announcing the new Swearing at Motorists digital compilation Postcards From a Drinking Town, we have another bit of news. A free EP, To Gem City With Love, features two new tracks and is available as a free download at Bandcamp. The EP includes alternate versions of tracks “Ohio/ Southern Hills” and “Walnut Belle,” which will be on the forthcoming Swearing at Motorists album On The Vanity Of Existence. Download the EP HERE.

Damien Jurado and Richard Swift cover Kraftwerk, Chubby Checker and more on “Other People’s Songs” Vol. 1

Picture 5

Two weekends ago, Damien Jurado and Richard Swift got a 4 track recorder and a Coles 4038 ribbon microphone and decided to record nine of the best cover songs you’ll hear in a while.

The feel of the recording is so warm and every song sounds effortless. My personal favorite is their rendition of “If The Sun Stops Shinin’” by Chubby Checker (of “The Twist” fame).

You can stream and download (just click on tracklist) Other People’s Songs, Vol. 1 HERE.

Damien US tour dates, after the jump! And don’t forget, he and Swift will be touring the UK together. If they perform one of these covers… it would be just dynamite.

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RICHARD SWIFT gets down and dirty with new double EP

Secretly Canadian is pleased to announce another sparkling, but rough cut gem from Richard Swift. “Richard Swift As Onasis” hits record stores April 8, 2008.

This double EP is as creatively fortifying as it is unhinged and unpolished, a primal slab thrown into the fire for dancing and merriment during the chilly months while we await Richard Swift’s second full-length, and proper follow-up to last year’s colossal “Dressed Up For The Letdown”.

Not long ago, the idea of a record was to capture a performance. Before the studio trickery of our beloved icons from the 60s, cats gathered around a couple microphones, and let at it. This is hardly a forgotten art, but its purveyors (and us) are languishing in the onslaught of amplified 1s and 0s, where honesty, blemish and truth are subjected to a virtual recording filters that auto-remove soul. So it’s no surprise Swift, a long-in-the-tooth impresario of all things analog, would jangle and stomp out this tangent of jams that tape-echo a generation of pioneers who believed Rock and Roll and the Blues are a calling, not a choice.

These songs get in your belly and wiggle your hips like Howlin’ Wolf, and stomp your foot and bob your head like Link Wray. Some of them float around like organ music that slipped out the church backdoor and headed to that bar with vinyl booths and a Little Richard photo over the burbling Wurlitzer of 45s. Whether with Instruments of Science and Technology, or the tin pan rattle of “The Novelist”, or his own short films, or now with “…As Onasis”, Swift keeps finding sides of himself to explore. While one day someone somewhere might begin to add up all these parts and find an overarching theme winding through his work (probably much like a kite string tangled up in a tree), it’s enough that we have a new collection of rock solid jams to turn up loud, really loud.

You can hear 2 free mp3s from the record here:
Richard Swift as Onasis – “Knee High Boogie Blues”
Richard Swift as Onasis – “Phone Coffins”


Faust by I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness
All White Everything by JJ
Wedding Day by Anand Wilder & Maxwell Kardon
Her Ghost by Woman's Hour
Aerosol Can (feat. Pharrell Williams) by Major Lazer
Pulsing (feat. Nina K) by Tomas Barfod
Red Eyes by The War On Drugs


Sunspot by Suuns

Busy Baby (feat. Nina K) by Tomas Barfod

Innocence by Electric Youth


Electric Youth
Songs: Ohia
Didn't It Rain (Deluxe Edition)


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