Secretly Canadian Discography

SC001   June Panic Glory Hole  CD  09/01/96
SC002   Songs: Ohia One Pronunciation of Glory  7"  09/01/96
SC003   Ativin Modern Gang Reader b/w Larkin  7"  02/01/97
SC004   Songs: Ohia Songs: Ohia  CD / LP  04/01/97
SC005   The Japonize Elephants Bob's Bacon Barn  CD  03/01/97
SC006   Intro To Airlift / June Panic Intro To Airlift / June Panic split  CD  07/01/97
SC008   Songs: Ohia Hecla & Griper (15th Anniversary Edition)  CD / LP  04/30/13
SC009   June Panic The Fall of Atom: A Thesis On Entropy  CD  09/01/97
SC010   Dave Fischoff Winston Park  CD / LP  07/01/98
SC011   Ativin German Water  CD / LP  07/01/98
SC012   Marmoset Hiddenforbidden  CDEP  12/15/97
SC013   The Japonize Elephants Le Fete Du Cloune-Pirate  CD  03/01/98
SC014   Tren Brothers "Gone Away" / "Kit's Choice"  7"  02/01/98
SC015   June Panic Horror Vacui  CD  04/17/00
SC016   Molina & Roberts s/t  7"  10/02/02
SC017   Songs: Ohia Impala  CD / LP  04/01/98
SC018   Suzanne Langille & Loren MazzaCane Connors The Enchanted Forest  CD / LP  09/01/98
SC019   The Panoply Academy Glee Club Rah!  CD  07/01/98
SC020   Marmoset Today It's You  CD  03/15/99
SC021   Simon Joyner The Christine EP  CDEP / 12"  08/01/98
SC022   Boxhead Ensemble Last Place To Go: Dutch Harbor Live  2XLP  10/10/98
SC023   Ativin Summing The Approach  CDEP  04/19/99
SC024   Songs: Ohia Axxess & Ace  CD / LP  03/15/99
SC025   The Panoply Academy Glee Club What We Defend  CDEP  10/01/99
SC026   Suzanne Langille, Andrew Burnes, David Daniell & Loren Mazzacane Connors Let The Darkness Fall  CD  06/21/99
SC027   Songs: Ohia The Ghost  CD  03/01/99
SC028   Havergal Lungs For The Race  CD  04/02/01
SC029   Swearing At Motorists More Songs From The Mellow Struggle  CD  01/17/00
SC030   Songs: Ohia The Lioness  CD / LP  01/17/00
SC031   Ativin Interiors  CD  01/22/02
SC032   Swearing At Motorists Number Seven Uptown  CD / LP  10/23/00
SC033   The Panoply Academy Corps Of Engineers Concentus  CD  04/17/00
SC034   Suzanne Langille & Loren MazzaCane Connors 1987-1989  CD  09/11/00
SC035   Marmoset The Record In Red  CD / LP  09/17/01
SC036   Dave Fischoff The Ox and The Rainbow  CD  02/12/01
SC037   Songs: Ohia Protection Spells  CD  01/01/00
SC038   The Panoply Academy Legionnaires Diurnally Yours b/w Nocturnally Yours  7"  03/05/01
SC039   Panoply Academy Legionnaires. The No More Dead Time  CD  05/14/01
SC040   Songs: Ohia Ghost Tropic  CD / LP  11/13/00
SC041   Danielson A Prayer For Every Hour  2XCD  06/04/02
SC042   Danielson Tell Another Joke At The Ol' Choppin' Block  CD / 2XLP  01/22/01
SC043   Danielson Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha)  CD  01/22/01
SC044   Danielson Tri-Danielson!!! (Omega)  CD  01/22/01
SC045   Danielson Fetch The Compass Kids  CD / LP  04/23/01
SC046   Marmoset Mishawaka  CDEP  02/12/02
SC047   Swearing At Motorists The Burnt Orange Heresy  CDEP  04/02/01
SC048   Alasdair Roberts The Crook Of My Arm  CD / LP  04/02/01
SC049   Nikki Sudden Nikki Sudden Compendium  CD  07/29/01
SC050   June Panic Baby's Breadth  CD  08/20/02
SC051   Nikki Sudden Waiting On Egypt / The Bible Belt  2XCD  10/29/01
SC052   Nikki Sudden Texas / Dead Men Tell No Tales  2XCD  10/29/01
SC053   Nikki Sudden Groove / Crown Of Thorns  2XCD  10/20/02
SC054   Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth's Jacobites Jacobites  CD  02/12/02
SC055   Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth's Jacobites Robespierre's Velvet Basement  CD  02/12/02
SC056   Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth's Jacobites The Ragged School  CD  08/20/02
SC057   Nikki Sudden and Rowland S. Howard Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc / Live In Augsburg  2XCD  08/20/02
SC058   The Panoply Academy Everything Here Was Built To Break  CD  11/01/04
SC059   Ativin Night Mute  CD / LP  03/16/04
SC060   Scout Niblett Sweet Heart Fever  CD  09/17/01
SC061   Songs: Ohia / Scout Niblett "Lioness" / "Miss My Lion"  7"  09/17/01
SC063   Racebannon In The Grips Of The Light  CD  01/22/02
SC064   Dave Fischoff The Crawl  CD  11/21/06
SC065   Songs: Ohia Didn't It Rain  CD / LP  03/05/02
SC066   Br. Danielson Brother Is To Son  CD / 2XLP  06/08/04
SC067   Damien Jurado "Big Let Down" b/w "Make Up Your Mind"  7"  12/05/02
SC068   Swearing At Motorists This Flag Signals Goodbye  CD / LP  06/04/02
SC069   Racebannon Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In  7"  05/07/02
SC070   Jens Lekman Maple Leaves  CDEP  02/03/04
SC071   Early Day Miners Let Us Garlands Bring  CD / 2XLP  05/07/02
SC072   Songs: Ohia "The Grey Tower" b/w "Black Link To Fire Link"  7"  02/12/02
SC073   Scout Niblett "Whoever You Are Now" b/w "Shining Burning"  7"  10/01/02
SC074   Swearing At Motorists Along The inclined Plane  CDEP  04/02/02
SC075   Songs: Ohia "Keep It Steady" b/w "United Or Lost Alone"  7"  11/05/02
SC076   Songs: Ohia Magnolia Electric Co  CD / LP  03/04/03
SC077   Nikki Sudden Treasure Island  CD  10/05/04
SC078   Scout Niblett I Conjure Series  CDEP  01/21/03
SC079   Racebannon Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In  CD  11/05/02
SC080   Scout Niblett I Am  CD / LP  09/02/03
SC081   Early Day Miners Jefferson At Rest  CD / LP  04/22/03
SC082   Jorma Whittaker Jorma Whittaker  CD  08/19/03
SC083   Jason Molina Pyramid Electric Co  LP  01/20/04
SC084   Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me?  CD / 2XLP  03/18/03
SC084dlx   Damien Jurado Where Shall You Take Me (deluxe reissue)  2XLP  05/28/13
SC085   The Impossible Shapes We Like It Wild  CD  10/07/03
SC086   Br. Danielson "The Kid" b/w "Five Stars And Two Thumbs Up"  7"  02/06/04
SC087   June Panic Hope You Fail Better  CD  12/04/03
SC088   Damien Jurado On My Way To Absence  CD / LP  05/05/05
SC089   Scout Niblett Uptown Top Ranking  CDEP  10/05/04
SC090   Marmoset Florist Fired  CD / LP  07/24/07
SC091   Havergal Elettricita  CD  05/04/04
SC092   The Japonize Elephants 40 Years Of Our Family  (DIGITAL)  08/14/07
SC093   The Horns Of Happiness A Sea As A Shore  CD  07/20/04
SC094   Normanoak Born A Black Diamond  CD  07/20/04
SC095   June Panic Songs From Purgatory  3xCD  09/11/07
SC096   Early Day Miners All Harm Ends Here  CD / LP  01/18/05
SC097   The Impossible Shapes Horus  CD / LP  02/01/05
SC098   Magnolia Electric Co Trials & Errors  CD / 2XLP  01/18/05
SC099   Swearing At Motorists Last Night Becomes This Morning  CD / LP  02/07/06
SC100   V/A SC100  CD  04/24/07
SC101   Jens Lekman Rocky Dennis  CDEP  04/06/04
SC102   Magnolia Electric Co What Comes After The Blues  CD / LP  04/05/05
SC103   Danielson Ships  CD / LP  05/09/06
SC104cd   Antony And The Johnsons Antony And The Johnsons  CD  07/20/04
SC105   Antony And The Johnsons I Am A Bird Now  CD / LP  02/01/05
SC106   Jens lekman You Are The Light  CDEP  08/17/04
SC107   Jens Lekman When I Said I Wanted To Be Your Dog  CD / LP  09/07/04
SC108   Swell Maps A Trip To Marineville  CD  10/19/04
SC109   Swell Maps Jane From Occupied Europe  CD  10/19/04
SC110   Windsor For The Derby We Fight Til Death  CD / 2XLP  08/17/04
SC111   Richard Swift The Novelist / Walking Without Effort  2XCDEP / 2XLP  09/06/05
SC112   Swearing at Motorists Postcards From A Drinking Town  (DIGITAL)  03/29/11
SC113   Antony And The Johnsons The Lake  CDEP / 12"  11/02/04
SC114   Antony And The Johnsons Hope There's Someone  CDEP / 12"  06/06/05
SC115   Damien Jurado Just in time For Something  CDEP  11/02/04
SC117   Horns of Happiness Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline  12"  02/07/06
SC118   Magnolia Electric Co. Hard to Love a Man  CDEP  10/11/05
SC119   Racebannon First There Was The Emptiness  CD  06/07/05
SC120   Magnolia Electric Co. Fading Trails  CD / LP  09/12/06
SC121   Jens Lekman / El Perro Del Mar Jens Lekman / El Perro Del Mar  7"  02/01/05
SC122   The Horns Of Happiness What Spills Like Thread  12"  03/06/07
SC123   I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Fear Is On Our Side  CD / 2XLP  03/07/06
SC124   Normanoak A Double Gift Of Tongues  LP  02/20/07
SC125   Suuns Zeroes QC  CD / LP  10/12/10
SC126   Jens Lekman Oh You're So Silent, Jens  CD / 2XLP  11/22/05
SC127   I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness Dust  LP  10/28/14
SC128   Windsor For The Derby Giving Up The Ghost  CD / LP  08/16/05
SC130   Antony And The Johnsons You Are My Sister  CDEP / 12"  10/25/05
SC132   The Impossible Shapes Tum  CD  03/07/06
SC133   Richard Swift Dressed Up For The Letdown  CD / LP  02/20/07
SC134   Catfish Haven Please Come Back  CD  01/24/06
SC135   Early Day Miners Offshore  CD / LP  08/22/06
SC136   Windsor For The Derby "Empathy For People Unknown" (Odd Nosdam remix)/ "Gunboats"  12"  10/25/05
SC137   The Earlies These were the Earlies  CD  10/25/05
SC138   Catfish Haven Tell Me  CD / LP  09/12/06
SC139   Damien Jurado "Traded For Fire" b/w "Ghost of David" Split  7"  02/07/06
SC140   The Impossible Shapes The Impossible Shapes  CD  06/19/08
SC141   Windsor For The Derby How We Lost  CD / LP  05/20/08
SC142   Windsor For The Derby Calm Hades Float  CD  08/22/06
SC143   Windsor For The Derby Minnie Greutzfeldt  CD  08/22/06
SC144   Frida Hyvönen Until Death Comes  CD / LP  10/24/06
SC145   Damien Jurado And Now That I'm In Your Shadow  CD / 2XLP  10/10/06
SC146   The Earlies The Enemy Chorus  CD  01/23/07
SC147   Catfish Haven Devastator  CD / LP  10/07/08
SC148   Instruments of Science & Technology Music From the Films of R/Swift  CD / LP  01/22/08
SC149   Jason Molina Let Me Go, Let Me Go, Let Me Go  LP  08/22/06
SC150   Magnolia Electric Co. Sojourner  4xCD/1xDVD  08/07/07
SC151   I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness According To Plan  CD  07/11/06
SC153   Nikki Sudden The Truth Doesn't Matter  CD  10/10/06
SC154   David Vandervelde Jacket b/w Murder In Michigan  7"  11/21/06
SC155   I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness S/T  CDEP / 12"  12/05/06
SC156   David Vandervelde The Moonstation House Band  CD / LP  01/23/07
SC157   Richard Swift Kisses For The Misses 7"  7"  05/22/07
SC158   Swearing At Motorists Exile On Gipsstrasse  (DIGITAL)  10/05/06
SC160   Jens Lekman Night Falls Over Kortedala  CD / LP  10/09/07
SC162   Bobb Trimble Iron Curtain Innocence  CD / LP  11/06/07
SC163   Bobb Trimble Harvest of Dreams  CD / LP  11/06/07
SC164   jj jj nš 2  CD / LP  08/03/10
SC166   David Vandervelde Nothin' No  CD  06/19/07
SC167   The War On Drugs Wagonwheel Blues  CD / LP  06/19/08
SC168   Throw Me The Statue Moonbeams  CD / LP  02/18/08
SC169   Music Go Music Light Of Love  12"  05/20/08
SC170   David Vandervelde Waiting For The Sunrise  CD / LP  08/05/08
SC171   Early Day Miners The Treatment  CD / LP  09/22/09
SC172   Music Go Music Reach Out  12"  08/05/08
SC173   Richard Swift Richard Swift As Onasis  2XCDEP / LP  04/08/08
SC174   Richard Swift Walt Wolfman  12"  10/18/11
SC175   Damien Jurado Caught In The Trees  CD / LP  09/09/08
SC176   Music Go Music Warm In The Shadows  12"  01/20/09
SC177   Bodies Of Water A Certain Feeling  CD / LP  07/22/08
SC178   Throw Me The Statue About To Walk  CDEP  12/04/07
SC179   The War on Drugs Barrel of Batteries  (DIGITAL)  03/04/08
SC180   Danielson Trying Hartz  2XCD  11/04/08
SC181   Magnolia Electric Co. It's Made Me Cry (Record Store Day Exclusive)  7"  04/21/09
SC182   Foreign Born Person To Person  CD / LP  06/23/09
SC183   Richard Swift The Atlantic Ocean  CD / LP  04/07/09
SC184   Frida Hyvönen Silence Is Wild  CD / LP  11/04/08
SC185   Magnolia Electric Co. Josephine  CD / LP  07/21/09
SC186   Music Go Music Expressions  CD / LP  10/06/09
SC188   Zero Boys Vicious Circle  CD / LP  02/03/09
SC189   Zero Boys History Of  CD / LP  02/03/09
SC190   The War on Drugs Slave Ambient  CD / LP  08/16/11
SC191   Danielson Our Givest Remix 7"  LP  10/21/08
SC192   Damien Jurado Saint Bartlett  CD / LP  05/25/10
SC193   Antony And The Johnsons Another World  CD / 12"  10/07/08
SC194   Antony And The Johnsons The Crying Light  CD / LP  01/20/09
SC195   Molina and Johnson Molina and Johnson  CD / LP  11/02/09
SC196   BLK JKS Mystery  CDEP / 12"  03/10/09
SC197   BLK JKS After Robots  CD / LP  09/08/09
SC198   Throw Me The Statue Purpleface  CD  02/17/09
SC199   Antony and The Johnsons Epilepsy Is Dancing  CDEP / 7"  04/07/09
SC200dig1   Songs: Ohia Journey On: Collected Singles  (DIGITAL)  07/01/14
SC201   Throw Me The Statue Creaturesque  CD / LP  08/04/09
SC202   Windsor For The Derby Against Love  CD / LP  06/22/10
SC205   Yeasayer Ambling Alp  LP / (DIGITAL)  11/03/09
SC206   BLK JKS Mystery (Osborne Remix)  12"  07/07/09
SC207   Here We Go Magic Pigeons  CD / LP  06/08/10
SC208   Magnolia Electric Co. Rider.Shadow.Wolf.  7"  09/22/09
SC209   Antony and the Johnsons Aeon  CD / LP  08/04/09
SC210   Yeasayer ODD BLOOD  CD / LP  02/09/10
SC211   Jens Lekman An Argument With Myself  CDEP / 12"  09/20/11
SC212   jj jj nš 3  CD / LP  03/09/10
SC213   Yeasayer O.N.E.  LP  04/17/10
SC214   Yeasayer Madder Red  (DIGITAL)  08/10/10
SC215   Antony and the Johnsons Swanlights  CD / LP  10/05/10
SC216   David Vandervelde Learn How to Hang  (DIGITAL)  02/16/10
SC217   BLK JKS ZOL!  CDEP  06/08/10
SC218   David Vandervelde "Checkin' Out My Baby" / "Fancy Friends"  (DIGITAL)  04/20/10
SC219   David Vandervelde Summer Time Hits  LP  08/03/10
SC221   Antony and the Johnsons Turning  CD DVD / NA  11/11/14
SC223   Antony and the Johnsons Thank You For Your Love  CD / 12"  08/24/10
SC225   Jens Lekman I Know What Love Isn't  CD / LP  09/04/12
SC227   The War On Drugs Future Weather  12"  10/26/10
SC229   Nightlands Forget the Mantra  LP  11/09/10
SC230   Here We Go Magic A Different Ship  CD / LP  05/08/12
SC231   Painted Palms Canopy EP  12"  06/27/11
SC232dig1   Steven A. Clark Late EP  (DIGITAL)  05/06/14
SC233   Antony and the Johnsons Swanlights EP  CDEP / 10"  04/16/11
SC234   Tig Notaro Good One  CD / LP  08/02/11
SC235   Gardens & Villa Gardens & Villa  CD / LP  07/05/11
SC236   Little Scream The Golden Record  CD / LP  04/12/11
SC237   Yeasayer I Remember  (DIGITAL)  02/14/11
SC238   Yeasayer END BLOOD 7"  7"  04/16/11
SC239   Nightlands All The Way/ Buggin Out  7"  03/08/11
SC240   Yeasayer Fragrant World  CD / 2XLP  08/21/12
SC241   Nightlands Oak Island  CD / NA  01/22/13
SC244   jj jj nš 4  7"  05/08/12
SC245   Porcelain Raft Strange Weekend  CD / LP  01/24/12
SC247   Here We Go Magic The January EP  CDEP  05/10/11
SC248   Nite Jewel One Second of Love  CD / LP  03/06/12
SC250   Damien Jurado Maraqopa  CD  02/21/12
SC251   Exitmusic From Silence  CDEP / 12"  10/04/11
SC252   JJ V  CD / LP  08/19/14
SC253   Suuns "Bambi" b/w "Red Song"  12"  11/15/11
SC254   Exitmusic Passage  CD / LP  05/22/12
SC255   Taken By Trees Other Worlds  CD / NA  10/02/12
SC256   Cayucas Bigfoot  CD / LP  04/30/13
SC257   The War on Drugs Come to the City 7"  7"  01/24/12
SC258   Porcelain Raft Unless You Speak From Your Heart b/w Something In Between  7"  02/21/12
SC259   Porcelain Raft Drifting In And Out b/w Chain  7"  06/26/12
SC260   Suuns Images Du Futur  CD / NA  03/05/13
SC265   Taken By Trees Dreams 12"  CD  08/07/12
SC266   Luke Temple Good Mood Fool  CD / LP  10/15/13
SC267   Anand Wilder and Maxwell Kardon Break Line The Musical  CD / LP  07/15/14
SC269   Here We Go Magic How Do I Know b/w My Plate's On Fire  7"  05/22/12
SC270   Antony and the Johnsons Cut The World  CD / 2XLP  08/07/12
SC273   Cayucas Cayucos b/w Swimsuit  7"  10/16/12
SC274   Dungeonesse Drive You Crazy b/w Private Party 12"  12"  12/04/12
SC276   Dungeonesse Dungeonesse  CD  05/14/13
SC277   Tig Notaro LIVE  CD / LP  10/05/12
SC280   Porcelain Raft Permanent Signal  CD  08/20/13
SC292   Major Lazer Free the Universe  CD / LP  04/16/13
SC294   Gardens & Villa Dunes  CD / LP  02/04/14
SC295   Damien Jurado Brothers And Sisters Of The Eternal Son  CD / LP  01/21/14
SC299   Songs: Ohia Didn't It Rain (Deluxe Edition)  2XCD / 2XLP  12/02/14
SC300   Songs: Ohia Magnolia Electric Co. (10-Year Anniversary Edition)  CD / NA  11/12/13
SC301   Steven A. Clark The Lonely Roller  CD / LP  09/18/15
SC302   Yeasayer Good Evening Washington DC, Live at 9:30 Club  2XLP  11/12/13
SC306dig1   Tomas Barfod Pulsing  (DIGITAL)  02/18/14
SC308   Tomas Barfod Love Me  CD / LP  06/10/14
SC309   Major Lazer Apocalypse Soon  12"  02/25/14
SC310   The War On Drugs Lost In The Dream  CD / 2XLP  03/18/14
SC312dig1   Woman's Hour Her Ghost b/w I Need You  (DIGITAL)  02/10/14
SC313   Woman's Hour Conversations  CD / LP  07/14/14
SC315   Here We Go Magic Be Small  CD / LP  10/16/15
SC319   Electric Youth Innerworld  CD / LP  09/30/14
SC320   Gardens & Villa Music For Dogs  CD / LP  08/21/15
SC322   Cayucas Dancing at the Blue Lagoon  CD  06/23/15
SC324   Suuns And Jerusalem in My Heart  CD  04/14/15
SC329   Suuns Hold/Still  CD / LP  04/15/16
SC330   Ben Abraham Sirens  CD / 2xLP  03/04/15
SC333dig1   ANOHNI 4 Degrees  (DIGITAL)  12/04/15
SC335   Damien Jurado Visions of Us on the Land  CD / 2xLP  03/18/16


No Woman by Whitney
Exit 353 by Damien Jurado
Falling by Here We Go Magic
Ordinary Feeling by Here We Go Magic
Tokyo London US Korea by Here We Go Magic
Not You by Steven A. Clark


Translate by Suuns

You And Me by Ben Abraham

Exit 353 by Damien Jurado

Big Winter Jacket by Cayucas


Damien Jurado
Visions of Us on the Land
CD / 2xLP
Ben Abraham
CD / 2xLP


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