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June Panic

Horror Vacui

Recorded in Indianapolis over an inspired two-week period with an ensemble cast of enablers and muses, HORROR VACUI is June's most ambitious and wholly realized album to date. It's been three years since his last full-length, THE FALL OF ATOM: A THESIS ON ENTROPY, and June has created an album that serves as a documentation of both the process and the proof of a new awakening. It is an emotional and a spiritual awakening of the grandest sort. HORROR VACUI is, on its surface, an album of devotional songs. In this regard it captures a man searching passionately for the source of life, for a deeply personal and mystical connection with his creator and then surrendering himself completely before that source. Yet it is also the story of a man whose denial of a source beyond the self is defiant and unbending. It is, at its core, an inner dialogue on the existence of god.

Allowing the songs on HORROR VACUI room to breathe and sprawl out in a fine balance of deliberation and spontaneity, June has in the process spiritualized and, indeed, imbued them with a mystical potency that few artists succeed in doing. Richard Youngs' SAPPHIE, George Harrison's ALL THINGS MUST PASS, and Van Morrison's ASTRAL WEEKS are all examples of successes in this regard, and Horror Vacui evokes a similar passion for the profound that these albums touch upon.

(SC015 released: 04/17/00)


  1. Do Not Let Them Fool You
  2. Glory Holes
  3. Only Give Light to the Morning
  4. David Poe
  5. Reason, to Know
  6. Two Sounds
  7. Fear of Open Spaces
  8. Blues of a New Man
  9. Baby Divine
  10. To Be Right
  11. Silver Sound