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Simon Joyner

The Christine EP

Simon Joyner really shouldn't need an introduction. The Omaha, Nebraska native has released six hallowed full-length albums along with numerous singles and compilation appearances. If you don't know his name by now, we think you should stop messing with your new DVD player and let The Christine EP serve as your binoculars and rearview mirror.

The Christine EP brings together songs which showcase Simon in his various musical bodies: the full band, sparse accompaniment and the lo-fi solo troubador. The title track has since appeared on the double LP Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Inbetween (Sing, Eunuchs!). "John Train's Blues" and "Everything's at Stake" were recorded at home in the early parts of 1998. And going back a few we have "Courting Mary" from 1995 and "Yellow Precious Letter," which is just that, coming from 1994. All of these songs were previously unreleased.

(SC021 released: 08/01/98)


  1. Christine
  2. John Train's Blues
  3. Courting Mary
  4. Everything's at Stake
  5. Yellow Precious Letter