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Nikki Sudden

Nikki Sudden Compendium

Nikki Sudden Compendium

Promotional sampler of selected tracks from the Nikki Sudden reissue series. Not commercially released.

(SC049 released: 07/29/01)


  1. Channel Steamer
  2. New York
  3. English Girls
  4. Chelsea Embankment
  5. Hurt Me More
  6. Jacobite's Grave
  7. Fortune Of Fame
  8. One More String Of Pearls
  9. Ambulance Station
  10. Big Store (orig.)
  11. Heart Of Hearts
  12. Jangle Town
  13. Death Is Hanging Over Me
  14. Before I Leave You
  15. How Many Lies
  16. Crossroads
  17. Hello Wolf (Little Baby)
  18. Beethoven's Ring
  19. French Revolution Blues
  20. Kiss At Dawn
  21. Mafeking Blues