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Nikki Sudden

Kiss You Kidnapped Charabanc / Live In Augsburg

Nikki Sudden and Rowland S. Howard first met while Howard was touring Europe in 1985 with his band Crime & The City Solution (along with his band mate and Sudden's late-brother Epic Soundtracks). Howard ended up playing on Sudden's third solo album "TEXAS" and they eventually recorded their dark opus KISS YOU KIDNAPPED CHARABANC together in 1987 for the Creation label. This extended reissue includes THE WEDDING HOTEL EP plus the outtake "French Revolution Blues." It also includes an incredible and never-before-released 12-song live set from September 18, 1987 from Augsburg, Germany featuring the line-up of Sudden on guitar and vocals, Howard on guitar and vocals, Desperate (of the Gun Club) on drums, and Duncan Sibbald on bass.

KISS YOU KIDNAPPED CHARABANC LP (Creation, October 1987) THE WEDDING HOTEL EP (Creation, August 1987)

(SC057 released: 08/20/02)


  1. DISC 1
  2. Wedding Hotel
  3. Rebel Grave
  4. Sob Story
  5. Snowplough
  6. Quick Thing
  7. Feather Beds
  8. French Revolution Blues
  9. Crossroads
  10. Don't Explain
  11. Hello Wolf (Little Baby)
  12. Better Blood
  13. Debutante Blues
  14. Girl Without a Name
  15. Wedding Hotel (The Moose)

    DISC 2
  16. Where the Rivers End
  17. Fortune of Fame
  18. Death Is Hanging Over Me Wedding Hotel
  19. French Revolution Blues
  20. When the Rain Comes Down
  21. Johnny Smiled Slowly
  22. Back to the Coast
  23. Kiss at Dawn
  24. Big Store
  25. Crossroads
  26. Such a Little Girl