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The Japonize Elephants

40 Years Of Our Family

The Japonize Elephants third album was recorded after the band re-located to the Bay Area in California at the turn of the Millenium. Released on compact disc on 8/20/02 on their own label TZME Productions, Secretly Canadian is now making the album available to the world via the digital domain.

(SC092 released: 08/14/07)


  1. Implied Leprosy
  2. Whiskey Willie
  3. Gordon Sherwood
  4. Landing Strip
  5. Le Bon Matin
  6. MM1
  7. Co' Brickey
  8. Iggaboustamonteguae
  9. MM2
  10. Molly's Midget Mansion
  11. Intro to Bacon
  12. Bob's Bacon Barn Train Bacon Grass Special #3 Pt. 1 (The Sequel)
  13. Bobby
  14. Faun Fables (Dils'n Nando)
  15. Log Cabin Blues
  16. Lowly Lows