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Throw Me The Statue


Making waves throughout the latter half of 2007, we're super pleased to deliver Seattle's Throw Me The Statue's debut album, "Moonbeams." Conceived and fronted by Scott Reitherman, "Moonbeams", was constructed with the help of Casey Foubert (Sufjan Stevens, Pedro The Lion) to create a wondrous concoction of fuzzed out synths, brass ensembles and epic vocal melodies that have been noticeably absent since "In the Aeroplane, Over The Sea" first saw the light of day.

At the album's core is a sharp sense of melody, a cutting lyrical honesty, and a bludgeoning beat that brings to mind the whimsy of Magnetic Fields, the lyrical expanse of The Microphones, and the lo-fi bliss of Eric's Trip.

While the front of the album is nothing short of the next evolution of skewed Northwest bombast with "Lolita," "Yucatan Gold" and "About To Walk" , the second half displays an unexpected maturity in young Reitherman. The title track oozes down tempo vulnerability while the closer, "The Happiest Man On This Plane" combines the best of Reitherman's predecessors Phil Elvrum and Dave Bazan.

TMTS's live show has been described as "Wildly energetic. Live drums, electric guitars, and four-part harmonies replace Reitherman's multitracking, and the able, athletic band switch instruments, add extra percussion, and throw in melodica and glockenspiel with an abandon grounded by serious musicianship." (The Stranger, 2007)

Reitherman has rounded up a group of talented musician friends from in and around the Northwest for his live band, aiming to give Moonbeams an extra shot of adrenaline onstage.

(SC168 released: 02/18/08)


  1. Young Sensualists
  2. Lolita
  3. A Mutinous Dream
  4. Your Girlfriend's Car
  5. Conquering Kids
  6. About To Walk
  7. Yucatan Gold
  8. This Is How We Kiss
  9. Groundswell
  10. Written In Heart Signs, Faintly
  11. Take It Or Leave It
  12. Moonbeams
  13. The Happiest Man On This Plane