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Windsor For The Derby

Against Love

In a world of "slow" movements that rail against mindless consumption, rock survivalists Windsor for the Derby represent "slow" music. For their latest outing, they began with a set of seemingly infinite drones and loops inspired by their early beginnings as a band. As those recordings were passed back and forth, the sounds were further sculpted by Dan Matz and Jason McNeely into their own leftfield brand of pop song. This became Against Love.

While they experimented with more formalized rock structures on their past few albums, Against Love finds the balance between experimentation and rock tradition more heavily skewed toward the former. The songs are filled with tried & true conventions; some with pedal steel and acoustic guitar ("Dull Knives," "After Love"), and others in waves of warm feedback and synth ("Queen of the Sun," "Autumn Song"). Lyrically the songs are about how the modern world is changing the human condition, how we decide to land when the floor is pulled out from under us, and how hope is born from loss. The songs were shaped over months in backstage rooms, hotels, vans, and wherever else Matz and McNeely found time during WFTD's European and American tours of the past two years. Tracks were finalized in Matz's haunted Hope Union Studio, where disengaged clock chimes, spectral taps, and mysterious footsteps are a constant cause for another take; some left in the mix.

(SC202 released: 06/22/10)


  1. Against Love
  2. Autumn Song
  3. After Love
  4. Queen Of The Sun
  5. Singer 1968
  6. Moon Shadows
  7. Our Love's A Calamity
  8. Alex Lucero
  9. Dull Knives
  10. Hips
  11. Cursed Ages
  12. Tropical Depression