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Baby Rose makes healing music for the aimless and heartbroken. The Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter and producer’s uniquely rich voice naturally lends itself to her powerful, smoke-filled ballads lamenting lost loves and broken futures. The piercing honesty and vulnerability she brings to her lyrics in turn helps others process their feelings and find a place of healing. For Rose, it’s a journey that’s still ongoing. “If I’m going to leave anything behind, it’s going to be getting people back to themselves. As I get back to myself, it’s a constant reset: Remember who you are, remember who you want to be.”

The artist born Jasmine Rose Wilson first realized the power of her voice by reading aloud original poems at family gatherings. Despite being bullied for her lower vocal register throughout her childhood and teen years, she ultimately found comfort in songwriting, inspired by the likes of Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Janis Joplin.

You can hear the impact of this approach in Baby Rose’s upcoming new body of work. Take the hypnotic “Fight Club.” Over the track’s simmering bassline and crashing cymbals, she declares, “I don’t need no one else to show me the way.” She describes the song as a “breaking of the shell. It encourages me to just go for it and not care about what anyone else thinks.” Therein lies Baby Rose’s strength: a determination to live, love, and create on her own terms. “I’m not just a singer with a unique voice. I’m somebody that has something to say.”


Baby Rose News

Apr 28, 2023

Baby Rose Releases Highly Anticipated Album, ‘Through and Through’

New album 'Through and Through' out now

Mar 14, 2023

Baby Rose shares new single and music video, “Stop The Bleeding”

New single "Stop The Bleeding" out now

Feb 09, 2023

Baby Rose Announces New Album “Through and Through” and Releases New Single

New single and music video, "I Won't Tell" (ft. Smino) out now

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