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With his debut full-length, Jorma Whittaker busts out of the sarcophagus known as Marmoset, the dark pop band he has fronted since 1995.

Whittaker boldly opens the album with the uncompromising 7-minute long piano ballad “Clocks in the Sun”, which is easily the bleakest and most potent song of the Jorma Whittaker canon. It is clear from the outset that this is Whittaker’s record and no one else’s. Having stripped the democratic process from record-making, Whittaker has created his best and most personal album to date — this is his Plastic Ono Band; his All Things Must Pass.

On “If It’s Over”, it becomes a little more clear that this record is a relationship record.”If it’s over don’t stay… It’s not wrong to want to survive”, he says referring to either lover or friend, one person or many. “Molly Melancholy” is something the Jesus and Mary Chain might stagger onto at the end of the line, with it’s snarled guitars, green clovers & blue diamonds. This song is one of a handful written for Marmoset by Whittaker’s lifelong friend, Dr. Joseph Shackelford, PhD. There is a peppy rendition of the classic 1965 Everly Brothers B-side, “Man with Money”, which Whittaker first heard as done by the Fabulous Poodles. Other standouts include “Walk/Throw” and “Favorite”, which are two Whittaker originals — one is light and the other pounding; opposites back-to-back. Fans of Marmoset’s peculiar sound will really enjoy the Syd-meets-the-Cure style of the apocalyptic “Birds are Falling through the Sky”.

The album was produced by long-time collaborator LonPaul Ellrich (former member of Marmoset, June Panic’s Silver Sound, Mysteries of Life, and Sardina) and the band included the supporting cast (but not the core band) of Marmoset’s latest full-length Record In Red. Since the creation of the album Whittaker has re-located to Brooklyn, NY from his native Michigan (although Marmoset were based in Indianapolis), where is he putting the finishing touches on what will most probably become his Rolling Thunder Revue.


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