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Today, rising London artist Eaves Wilder celebrates the release of her debut EP “Hookey”, available now via Secretly Canadian. Accompanying the release is new single “Connect The Rooms,” one of Eaves’ “secret songs.” Inspired by a quote from Kathleen Hanna, “Connect The Rooms” is an intimate, joyful documentation of the 19 year old finding her voice and a comfort within it, and urging other girls to do the same. “This song is for Kathleen, because hearing her voice made me feel comfortable with mine,” notes Eaves. “All my life I’ve felt like I’ve been told off over and over again for being too noisy. For playing my instruments too hard, just being too much. This song is me deciding not to internalize any of that any more, but to do what makes me happy.”

It’s a fitting moment for “Hookey“. Across its four tracks, Eaves candidly and playfully captures the turbulent experience of her teenage years, and the brightness of her future. Where “Connect The Rooms” sings of the freedom and safety of her teenage bedroom, previous single “Morning Rain” faces her frustrations with the education system and feeling out of control. “Hookey is basically about bunking off. I spent most of my teens playing hookey in the music room at school,” Eaves says. “That’s where I wrote songs and taught myself instruments. Each song is kind of a different perspective of where I was and why I wasn’t at school, it shows a progression. It started in the hospital when I was unable to speak my mind, and ended with the decision to share the secret songs I’d been making.”





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