Today Jade Bell, ANOHNI, and J. Ralph release new single “KARMA.” The track is available for purchase now via Bandcamp. All proceeds from record sales and donations go directly to Jade’s KIDS, a non-profit foundation, to help support its initiative to creatively inspire youth.

Musician Jade Bell’s life was transformed in 1997 when at the age of twenty three he was left permanently blind and immobile from a drug overdose. Bell fought to find purpose in the years that followed, and began making presentations across Canada to school children about the dangers of fentanyl and other hard drugs. Bell has also continued his work in music, having written the lyrics for and produced four albums over the last decade.

Earlier this year, Jade reached out to ANOHNI, sharing his courageous story and some of his writing, and proposed a collaboration. ANOHNI was moved by the exchange and wrote a new song with J. RALPH called “KARMA,” utilizing Jade Bell’s poetry as lyrics.

ANOHNI reflects, “Jade is so great, and his work reaching out to kids is having a real impact. Living in the world today can be tough. So many more kids as well as adults across the world are addicted to painkillers and pharmaceuticals that can kill us so easily.”

“It wasn’t hard to to get behind someone with as much guts as Jade, who is helping young people to reach for creativity instead of heroin or fentanyl. Please buy the single, and donate whatever you can afford to support Jade in his service to the community. I did it as a way of connecting to and caring for others as part of a larger family. You can too.”

Three time Oscar® nominated composer, songwriter and social activist J. Ralph and multiple award winning artist ANOHNI have collaborated previously on their Oscar® nominated song “Manta Ray” in 2016 from the documentary RACING EXTINCTION, and on their song “Killingly Hard” for J. Ralph’s soundtrack to the documentary WRETCHES AND JABBERERS.

Since 2008, Jade Bell has been bringing his poetry to life in the form of music. With his continuously evolving assembly of musicians known as Blind Focus, Bell’s compositions have grown into an inspired blend of acoustic folk, soul and blues. In 2010, Jade Bell was featured in the documentary HARPOONED SOUL which tells Bell’s incredible life journey and describes the outreach work he is engaged with today.

Bell hopes that sharing his story with people around the world will help to shed light on the epidemic of drug overdoses affecting young people, creating a ripple of cautionary awareness intended to inspire youth to live the best lives they can. Bell invites potential collaborators for a fifth album in hopes to share his message with a wider audience across the world. You can reach him at (


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