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LA Lakers. Tacos & Sunshine. Palm Trees & the Beach. 32, 33, Magic and Kareem. LA and the Lakers have long been one and the same. The overwhelming majority are converted — anointed by their victories on the battlefield, looking up to banners painted with their coat of arms, crowned in jewels and royal colors. Los Angeles finally has two competitive NBA teams to battle out the 2019-2020 season, but this does not change the indisputable fact that indeed this is still a Lakers Town.

And today, that’s what Joey Dosik‘s brand new single is all about. “Lakers Town” is Joey Dosik’s first single from his upcoming Michael McBolton basketball podcast, “Lakers Town.” Listen to the song below, and tune in here at 1pm EST for the video premiere!

Stream/Purchase Joey Dosik’s “Lakers Town”

“Lakers Town” is an anthem in the tradition of Randy Newman’s “I Love LA” and the naive, sad boy joy of Yacht Rock. It features for the first time on record, singer and mythical male siren, Michael McBolton. While highlighting the glorious past of the Purple and Gold, “Lakers Town” speaks of the dark decade that followed the last 2010 championship over the rival Boston Celtics franchise. There is also mention of the fraught summer in which the Lakers and Clippers tried to win favor over free agents Anthony Davis and Kawhi Leonard.

It has taken them 40 years, but The Clippers have finally showed up to the party, putting together a team and a franchise worthy of title contention. But it’s not an accident that Kawhi will get booed at a Dodger game. It’s the superiority and spoils that come with victory after victory that give the Lake Show it’s loud and proud reputation.

“Lakers Town” is here to represent all kinds of Laker fans. It’s for the ones that pride themselves in history, or the stereotypical pompous fanatics. It’s even for the compassionate fanbase who are ok with showing the Clippers some love. One thing is indisputable, it’s sealed with a message to the 310, “That Southern California flies the banner of the Purple and Gold.”


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