The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

September 24, 2009.

Hello Again Music Enthusiast,

It has been 2 full years since I last wrote about Yeasayer’s debut album All Hour Cymbals and prophesied on the power of their music. I could rejoice in the accuracy of the claims but we are merely in the beginning of the Yeasayer life cycle…there is work to be done.

After 3 white winter months (Feb-Apr ’09) in upstate NY at the Marotta cabin, Yeasayer wrote and layered songs for #2 (album title TBA). The tracks were then transported to Great City in NYC for mixing and the microscope.

Out of these sessions came “Ambling Alp,” which we elected as the first single for Yeasayer #2. A stand out from their recent live set, the band reworked the song into its former: a pop anthem.

The 12″ single contains remixes by friends Memory Tapes and DJ/rupture and is Yeasayer’s first release on US label Secretly Canadian.

To celebrate the release of the “Ambling Alp” 12″ we will be unleashing a breakthrough video at on the evening of October 30th. Hush-hush we must be regarding this activity but we promise something pioneering.

More soon regarding movement in early 2010.


Sir James Winnie YSR MGR


Ambling Alp

Ambling Alp (DJ /rupture & Brent Arnold remix)

Ambling Alp (Memory Tapes remix)

Ambling Alp (Instrumental)