The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

As a companion piece to their latest full-length Giving Up The Ghost, Windsor For The Derby offer up this limited edition 12″. The A-Side features Anticon Record’s man of the hour, odd nosdam (cLOUDDEAD) producing a stellar remix of WFTD’s lead-off single “Empathy For People Unknown”. On the B-Side we find an outtake from the Ghost sessions in the form of a cover of the classic Swell Maps cut “Gunboats.” Yeah, Windsor For The Derby was spinning this seminal band’s reissues (released last year on Secretly Canadian) as they recorded their new album. Many parallels can be drawn between the two bands – both Swell Maps and WFTD are ruthlessly experimental with their craft and refuse to be pigeonholed. While WFTD began ten years ago as forerunners in the Texas minimalist non-explosion, they’ve since moved beyond the drone into deeper waters, and with “Gunboats” we find them right at home amidst a sprawling piece of feedback, hushed vocals, and never losing sight of the melody.


Empathy For People Unknown