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“Incredible, multi-layered late night listening of the highest order. A cross between extreme gentility and musical savagery that will have you growing horns out of your own forehead, if not used carefully. Without a few contemporary style-nods, you would never guess the album was originally released in 1982. One of the decade’s best albums, filled with a mysterious charm that grows with each listen” – Byron Coley, 2007

The catalog number says it all, in pristine glory: BOBB 81. One can only picture how uniquely Bobb Trimble seems to confront reality. It’s the early 80s, and as a new decade rolls by, he seems to be going backwards — as if his inner tape was rewinding to the sound of the world he left behind. Like a latter-day Roscoe Holcomb, Trimble reaches that high lonesome sound of modern New England through Harvest of Dreams, his second, rarest, last and best LP. One can only guess at the ugliness of the Reaganesque suburban nightmare he’s trying to escape — tacky clothes, silly haircuts, nonsensical blockbusters, arcade video games, and plastic crap everywhere, all betraying the era’s lack of genuine emotions.

Apart from maybe Jandek and Daniel Johnston, two other souls he could find comfort with, Bobb Trimble displays some of the 1980s’ most honest, melancholic and moving American music. It’s as if Melvin, Toxic Avenger’s hero, had decided to go bedroom recording.

Born August 4, 1958 in Marlborough, MA, Bobb grew up in the Worcester suburb of Northborough feasting on the Beatles and later Bowie, Pink Floyd, and Queen. The music he went on to create wasn’t an attempt to replicate the genius of those artists, but to stand alongside them with his own masterpiece of mythical, hysterical songwriting genius.

Bobb and Secretly Canadian are proud to present you with Iron Curtain Innocence and Harvest of Dreams, two releases that will now reach a genuine audience with full reissue treatment. This is great news for rare music lovers, since Bobb’s original LPs are highly sought-after collectors items fetching hundreds of dollars apiece! Each CD release contains never before seen photos of Bobb Trimble, the Wormtown scene, and restored and fully realized artwork. In addition, each CD will feature bonus tracks from their respective recording periods. LP buyers won’t miss out on these tracks, since each LP version includes a coupon for free MP3 download of the album — including the bonus tracks. Enjoy.


Premonitions--The Fantasy

If Words Were All I Had

The World I Left Behind

Armour Of The Shroud

Premonitions Boy--The Reality

Take Me Home Vienna

Selling Me Short While Stringing Me Long

Oh Baby


Another Lonely Angel

Waves Of Confusion In Puzzled Times (Demo Version)

Galilean Boy (Demo Version)

Life Is Like A Circle (Demo Version)