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Ativin’s second full-length — and first in 2 1/2 years — is one ass-kicker of a record. Dan Burton and Chris Carothers have that rare chemistry which makes one question any auteurist theories, and in their stead seek out the magic that can come only with the process of collaboration. On INTERIORS, we get to watch as Ativin learns and then utters new languages, then reminisces with old. Yes, there are driving rock songs that have that signature Ativin groove, but they also have the more atmospheric moments which careen headlong into METAL MACHINE MUSIC territory and onward into campfire sing-alongs for dope-freaks. There is indeed some singing on this album, and thank goodness for that, as Carothers (who hasn’t sung on record since the first Ativin EP PILLS VS. PLANES from 1996) and Burton (who also sings with his other band Early Day Miners) truly have something to say. Indeed, Burton and Carothers are two ships which pass in the night and annihilate weather patterns in the process.

The album was recorded at Burton’s Grotto Home Studio in the heat of the Indiana summer. Kevin Duneman (the Race, chiseldrillhammer) was enlisted as drum czar. INTERIORS is bound to tickle fans of everything from This Heat to Stars of the Lid to Zeni Geva.



Rub Out the Woods



Two Knives as Crutches

Single Crease

End of Tape

When the Sky Turns Clear

Near North

Dead Horses

Under Blankets