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From the softest, most gentle campfire songs to the stringed wall of sound rock ensemble, LET US GARLANDS BRING glides easily without pause across a many-layered terrain like a film projected against a stucco wall just left of the steer-skull and under the Christmas lights; a feud breaks out at the family reunion, but the band plays on — stonefaced and unaffected in the most committed way. It’s the stuff of real human drama. Frontman Dan Burton delivers his songs in his slightly effected, though non-chalant, sing-song while drummer Rory Leitch (who has worked with Burton since they co-founded the band Ativin back in 1994) keeps it all grounded as the storm brews on. Fans of seminal slow-core bands such as Codeine and Low will appreciate Early Day Miners for their tempered beauty and composure, while lovers of My Bloody Valentine and mid-period Giant Sand (not to mention the Neil Young they were nodding to) will love the gorgeous distorted landscape that guitarists Burton and Joe Brumley allow to take them over.

Produced by Dan Burton at his Grotto Home Studio in Bloomington, Indiana, LET US GARLANDS BRING is the perfect follow-up to Early Day Miners’ 2000 debut full-length PLACER FOUND (released on Texas-based label Western Vinyl).

The double-LP version of LET US GARLANDS BRING contains an extra song and is being released by Western Vinyl (distributed exclusively through Secretly Canadian Distribution as well).

“Over and expanse of musical space most sadcore bands just couldn’t control, Early Day Miners come on like Low, meek and striking, but with aspirations toward the epic sprawl of soundtrack music.” – Joey Sweeney, Magnet



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