The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

Hear ye, hear ye! Here we have a split single with two like minded souls bearing themselves through the craft of the love song. Songs: Ohia has been around the block, has borne the burden of its love songs before, indeed has even showcased this love song before, albeit in different form. With “Lioness” Jason Molina & Co. take on the male perspective and choose death by the lover’s might rather than face her absense. On the flipside is newcomer Scout Niblett — a female-fronted duo from Nottingham, England — with “Miss My Lion”, a song about the longing and trepidation of her male lion lover. It seems as though two songs couldn’t be more perfect for each other than these two, written an ocean apart. Songs: Ohia’s “Lioness” is a brand new recording of the song that originally appeared on The Lioness (2000, Secretly Canadian). The new version was put to tape this year during the sessions for Didn’t It Rain (Songs: Ohia’s next full-length slated for release in early 2002) with guest vocalist Jennie Benford (of Jim and Jennie and the Pine Tops). And Scout Niblett’s “Miss My Lion” is the original demo that made us fall in love with the twosome, as taken from the original EP which was given by the band to Molina during last year’s Songs: Ohia European tour. Folks, meet Scout Niblett, surely to be an old friend to many in a few year’s time. Out of print.



Miss My Lion