The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

October marks yet another opportunity to look back upon and celebrate some of our favorite Danielson titles from the rich back catalog that has spanned over a decade. This epic journey of retrospection began with the vinyl reissues of Tell Another Joke At The Ol’ Choppin’ Block and Fetch The Compass Kids (both being released on Secretly Canadian) and Tri-Danielson!!! (Alpha/Omega) (being released on Sounds Familyre). Next in line in this series of releases is a particularly sweet treat in the 7″ vinyl format. Odd Nosdam (renowned musician, DJ, co-founder of Anticon) took the reigns on remixing the Danielson track “Our Givest” (originally from Brother Is To Son) while Jeremy Novak of Dymaxion tackled “Jokin’ At The Block” (originally from Tell Another Joke At the Ol’ Choppin’ Block).

When listening to the Odd Nosdam “Our Givest” remix you’ll hear the blown out sound of 60’s garage rockin’ records (early Kinks/ the Sonics) coupled with an incescant groove, slightly psychelicized, in glorius mono with a touch of shoegangster shoegaze haze. In the words of Daniel Smith, “I have met a bunch of the Anticon guys and have worked with Why? already. When it came to thinking about another remix, I always thought the groove in “Our Givest” could be pushed out more. I talked to my buddy Josiah from Why? and he said that Odd Nosdam was the man for this. Josiah was right as always.”

With the remix of “Jokin’ At The Block” Dymaxion picks up the thread to commemorate the Famile with a patchwork quilt, stitched from handclaps and heartbleats, banjo and bass, call and response. Gather the folds around you and drop the needle back in the haystack. What’s Daniel’s take on this? “For years I have discussed with Jeremy the possibility of Dymaxion doing a remix of ‘Jokin’ At the Block.’ I could imagine him having fun with that tuba. And what would a remix of a 12 minute song sound like?”

Another beautiful step forward as the season of retrospection continues…


Our Givest (Odd Nosdam remix)

Jokin' At The Block (Dymaxion remix)