The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

Hailing from Chicago, IL, Catfish Haven is George Hunter (vocals/guitar), Miguel Castillo (bass), and Ryan Farnham (drums). The band’s name is taken from the Missouri trailer park that George Hunter grew up in. The band describe their music as, “Soulful howling over an acoustic guitar turned way up. Hopeful yearning for better days echoed through amps and a drum kit.” Secretly Canadian will release “Please Come Back” CDEP early 2006, tracklist provided below, and a proper debut full-length late-spring of 2006. Catfish Haven will soon appear on Bloodshot’s 10th Anniversary compilation CD this fall, joining the likes of My Morning Jacket, Richard Buckner and Crooked Fingers. Catfish Haven MP3s are listed below, provided are two demo versions of songs that will appear on the EP.


(catfish haven)

Please Come Back

You Can Have Me

Crying Shame


Still Hungover

The Love I'm Saving