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Critics wisely referred to Swearing At Motorists as “The Two Man Who” and anyone who was fortunate to see them live would surely concur. The band developed a reputation for being one of the most energetic and charismatic American bands, both on stage and record. Their songs are characterized by emphatic, crunching tonic chords and emotive vocals and the recordings were always raw. A perfect combination of compact stadium rock sing-alongs and lucid love songs that portray a character at the mercy of his own destiny. It all began in the early 1990’s in the bedrooms and basements of Dayton, Ohio amongst the hazy murk of the Midwest American lo-fi scene — a movement championed by neighbors Guided By Voices as well as Sebadoh, Supreme Dicks and Pavement. We here at Secretly Canadian have combed through our libraries and are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of their 7″ and compilation tracks from this exciting era.

Swearing At Motorist select discography:

More Songs From The Mellow Struggle, 01/17/2000 Number Seven Uptown, 10/23/2000 The Burnt Orange Heresy, 04/02/2001 Along The Inclined Plane, 04/02/2002 This Flag Signals Goodbye, 06/04/2002 Last Night Becomes This Morning, 02/07/2006 Exile On Gipsstrsse, 10/05/2006


King of Baltimore

Sympathy for Thinkers

All The Presidents Men

Feeling Transparent

Painfully Obvious

A Drinking Town

Bars Close

Before The Flood

Plum Island

Speedracer's Lament

Two Blocks From The River

Smart Aleck's Karma

Valentine's Day Massacre

Academy Award For Best Actress

Life Has No Equation

Barbwire Sweater

Late Night Arithmetic (Timmy Runs Interference)

Duke Of Anxiety

Nightingale In The Hangar

No More James Dean

Stuck Inside

Letter To A Fanzine (Great Plains cover)

The Ballad Of John Graci

Volcano Divers

Spin the Bottle

Goodbye Second & Main

Wounding Boywonder

Pilots At The Temple

The Mercy Of Death Is Like Flowers

Bitch (Idle Hands And The Devil's Plaything)

Bad Drawing Of The Worst Photograph