The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

Returning from a long time out-of-print and for the first time on vinyl, Secretly Canadian today announce Sojourner Box Set by Magnolia Electric Co., re-presented via a 4LP collection out April 7.

The Box Set is the accumulated work of thirteen musicians, five locations, four recording engineers and one songwriter, with the four LPs that comprise the set taken from four distinct recording sessions that Magnolia Electric Co. undertook following the release of their debut studio album, What Comes After the Blues.

From those recording sessions, the band’s second album Fading Trails was born. But the four sessions, in full, chart the celestial map of Magnolia Electric Co.: its constellations and shooting stars, its Americana stompers and lean folk dirges. And, of course the center of gravity that is Jason Molina’s mournful, incomparable voice.

The session known as “Nashville Moon” was recorded by Steve Albini at his Electrical Audio studios in Chicago, Illinois. The session known as “Sun Session” was recorded at the legendary Sun Studios in Memphis, Tennessee. The session known as “Black Ram” was recorded by David Lowery at his Sound Of Music studios in Richmond, Virginia and features an entirely different cast of characters including Lowery, Rick Alverson, Andrew Bird, Molly Blackbird, Miguel Urbiztondo and Alan Weatherhead. The session known as “Shohola” was recorded by Jason Molina alone, with a guitar and microphone.

With LP covers drawn from original box illustrations and with the original box’s poster included, this LP edition of The Sojourner Box Set delivers for the most ambitious and robust Magnolia Electric Co. release to date.


Lonesome Valley


Don't Fade on Me

Hammer Down

No Moon on the Water

Nashville Moon

What Comes After the Blues

Don't This Look Like the Dark

North Star


Texas 71

Down The Wrong Road Both Ways

In The Human World

The Black Ram

What's Broken Becomes Better



A Little at a Time


And the Moon Hits the Water

The Old Horizon

Talk to Me Devil, Again

Memphis Moon

Hold on Magnolia

Trouble in Mind

Steady Now

Spanish Moon Fall and Rise

Night Country

Shiloh Temple Bell

The Spell

Take One Thing Along

The Lamb's Song

Roll the Wheel