The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

David Vandervelde’s very clothes were ablaze that day in his Nashville basement. And the only thing that was ever going to put the flames out was laying “Learn How To Hang” to tape. How else does a song so immediate come to be? The repeated mantra of its title, set to an exhilarating, tightly-wound Buckingham-like lick, is just as much Far East philosophy as it is the most serious of stoner advice. It’s a self-effacing moment of clarity under the heat of a blowtorch. Same goes for its brother jam, “Wave Country,” with its galloping, sunburst metal and inner-bitch-slap hook, “You ain’t any cooler in the shade.” And how could we, in good conscience, ever sit on songs so immediate for any longer than one red-hot heartbeat? Some jams can’t simply be placed on a release schedule months in advance. Songs like these must be loaded in our bow and shot out into the world.

Imagine if the teenagers in Footloose would have been fighting for their right to party whilst blasting a shit-ton of glam and bliss-metal. David Vandervelde would have ruled prom and then thrown the most righteous kegger ever, with “Checkin Out My Baby” and “Fancy Friends” on repeat. DV is on an absolute tear right now, churning out these rollicking nuggets of summers future like a man possessed (which he might very well be). And we are proud to serve as the conduit, the slingshots for which to launch these flaming orange magma rocks through the windows of Old Man Winter’s house, let it burn and then, have ourselves a campfire throwdown. Well, hello, Mz. Summertime, would you care to dance? Vandervelde is playing our song.

Summer Time Hits collects these four Vandervelde instant classics, originally released as digital singles, onto limited-press, screen-printed 12″ vinyl.


Learn How To Hang

Wave Country

Checkin' Out My Baby

Fancy Friends