The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

After releasing the critically acclaimed EP Please Come Back early in 2006, Catfish Haven return more focused and more determined than ever to win your heart. You see with Tell Me, their debut full length on Secretly Canadian, these three raw dogs named for singer George Hunter’s childhood trailer park home have crafted one hell of a break-up record. Love is a confusing thing and it always leaves the mind with more questions than answers. Who is this woman that left Hunter so broken that he was inspired to pen ten soulful odes to this traumatizing break-up? Who dumped who? Will Hunter ever win her back? It’s hard to tell as Tell Me captures the confusion, denial, sleepless nights, and the desperate pleas for love that can only be felt when the mind gives up control to the heart.

Like Otis sweating out “Pain In My Heart” or Marvin begging “Please Stay”, Catfish Haven are amongst few bands that can command a stage; keep a crowd up with a high energy live performance and still deliver such heartache. With the addition of smooth horn arrangements and even smoother back up vocals, Tell Me, is the realization of what a heartbroken boy can do when given a little time and recording studio full of toys. Graeme Gibson was in charge of capturing all of this onto tape at Clava Studio in Chicago, Illinois, the city the band calls home.


I Don't Worry

Tell Me

Crazy For Leaving

All I Need Is You

Down By Your Fire

Another Late Night

If I Was Right

Grey Skies

Let Go(Got To Grow)

This Time