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After over a decade of appearances on Loren MazzaCane’s albums, Suzanne Langille releases a full length of her own songs. THE ENCHANTED FOREST combines Suzanne’s celestial voice and lyrical talent with Loren’s crystalline guitar work. Loosely based on John Lebar’s 1945 film of the same name, Suzanne acts out the story of a lost child, a forest’s impending end and those that try and save it, through the voices of six characters. As on previous MazzaCane albums, Suzanne’s soulful and blues-filled moans create burning holes in the hearts and ears of many during each song. Loren’s guitar stays at a constant whisper pitch throughout the album, his minimal chords and lone notes have never been this fragile. Intertwined with Suzanne’s character expressions, the guitar mixes with the muted sounds of chirping birds and the feeling of THE ENCHANTED FOREST takes hold. Reminiscent of the St. Joan-era collaborations between Suzanne and Loren, these two have never sounded so brilliant.



Old John

The River

Jackie's Dream

The Waterfall

Promise Me

Return To The Waterfall

Jackie's Dance

The Raven's Song

Anne's Song

In The Woods

Old John's Song

Anne's Song

To The Mountain

The Escape