The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

Produced on both sides of the Atlantic and with a palette of sounds almost as wide; The Earlies debut album “These Were The Earlies” brings together their first self released singles and subsequent EP’s on Names/679 Recordings.

Working with manipulated performances by a collective of English and American musicians “These Were The Earlies” combines layered vocals with imaginary and more traditional instruments to produce a unique pop sound where sonic exploration can still take place.

Residing in Northern England and Western Texas the Earlies musical differences are never more apparent than when listing their respective heroes FSOL, Gillian Welch, ELP and Whitesnake! Fortunately they are united by a shared love of The Band, The Beach Boys, The Byrds, and The Beatles. All get a gracious nod on The Earlies debut album together with a unique mix of obscure Psychedelic, Progressive, Leftfield and Country influences.

The Earlies lovingly crafted music is the culmination of many years posting and emailing ideas back and forth. They began releasing their own 7″ records in the summer of 2002 and have developed into a full-blown live band, studio collective, and production team. Producing their own songs and successfully honing their chaotic ‘whoever’s available’ studio approach to perform production duties for an increasingly impressive array of artists such as Micah P. Hinson, Leona Ness, and King Creosote under their Names On Records guise.

In the spring of 2004 the four core members of The Earlies got together for the first time, rounded up their mates and took to the road with an eleven-piece band. In the handful of shows they have done to date they have built an impressive reputation for their uncompromising set up, on stage banter and confident widescreen sound. From the first chance meetings in Texan record stores and Manchester watering holes to the triumphant, team sized, live show The Earlies believe their “musically simple – sonically tricky” approach should always be entertaining.

The Earlies are JM Lapham, Giles Hatton, Christian Madden and Brandon Carr.


In the Beginning...

One of Us is Dead

Wayward Song

Slow Man's Dream

25 Easy Pieces

Morning Wonder

The Devil's Country

Song for #3


Bring it Back Again

Dead Birds