The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

During recent years Dave Fischoff has explored various musical forms, retaining some and abandoning others. Besides the early bands he tried his hand at, the musical life of Mr. Fischoff has been in the solo realm. Coaxed on by friends and former bands mates Dave began to perform solo in the summer of 1994 in the Bloomington, Indiana area. Using only a guitar and Marshall stack Dave found himself jumping around basements and clubs. Feeling there was an integral element missing in his music, he began to employ pre-recorded sounds into his live show. With the new combination of tape letters, found sound, translucent electronics, guitar and voice, the music took on a new life. Dave used his lyrical imagery and story telling ability to enhance the deeply personal music. In November 1997 Dave recorded WINSTON PARK with friend and engineer Thom Hoff. The album was recorded in Dave’s living room over two weeks using a 1/4″ Tascam 8-track and one Shure microphone.


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