The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

From the west coast bedroom pop beginnings of last year’s A Sea As A Shore, Aaron Deer’s (one half of The Impossible Shapes) one time solo project is now anchored with the drumming kaleidoscope of one Shelley Harrison on their latest 12″ Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline.

Now a duo, the Elephant Six foundations have given way to a treasure trove of pounding rhythms and repetitive organ lines not unlike New York’s Oneida at their devilish best on Each One Teach One, or 20-odd years earlier when Philip Glass and Suicide brought the minimalist keyboard aesthetic to the rest of the world…but don’t be mislead. This is a 12″, not some overly heady art-damaged Brooklyn piece of vinyl. Its corn-fed head-bobbin’ music from the midwest…


Dowser Hunters

Would I Find Your Psychic Guideline

Skin Sight


Coal-Wasted Avalanche