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Friends of Secretly Canadian proudly presents its latest release in ‘One More Kiss’, a brand new single by Memphis native and two time Grammy-winning singer, songwriter and saxophonist Kenneth Whalum.

On the track, the Jay-Z and Mac Miller collaborator adds an infusion of psychedelic-soul to an alternative romantic ballad. Equal parts vivid storyteller and dynamic, nuanced musician – his debut release for Friends of Secretly Canadian displays his soft falsetto layered upon plush backing vocals and a guitar. The result captures the hypnotic warmth of daydreams in the summer sun.

On ‘One More Kiss’, Whalum says:

“One More Kiss is a simple request in a delicate moment between two people in love. I wanted to see if it was possible to capture the feeling of an intimate point in the midst of trying circumstances. I think any person that’s been in a relationship can identify with this sentiment.”


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