The Secretly Canadian Newsletter

“If I put all the evidence and all the arguments aside, leave the fear behind, I’ll chase you through the calendar.” Stella Donnelly from “Face It”

Here at Secretly Canadian the past year was filled with the future of music.  So many of our releases felt like glimpses into what we will be listening to for the next decade. Best of all, we had the awesome fans who had no problem joining us for the ride. It’s been an honor to work with such incredible artists and have the ability to release their beautiful records.  Here are some highlights of the love we have received this year. Thank you and happy new year!


Alex Cameron

“When the waters rise, the only thing that will matter is to have someone you love close to you. That’s the animating idea of ‘Miami Memory,’ and also why it’s the perfect song for this moment.” – Seth Wilson, Slant



Cherry Glazerr

“Taking charge, Creevy allows her scalding frustration to become front and center in protests of traditional gender roles—until the series of questions returns, that is. The push-pull between these two sections creates delicious tension, especially as the hazy guitars rev up and simmer back down again.” – Taylor Ysteboe, Flood


Faye Webster

“Atlanta Millionaires Club is pure southern molasses and honey, dripping with sweet pedal guitar swells and grooves that carry you along like a country road in summer.” – Christopher Thiessen, Consequence of Sound



“Shura’s airy melodies also really linger, and she and co-producer Joel Pott build a dreamy electro-pop sound that envelops you like a fragrant vapor. The result is an elegant and affecting celebration of a love that’s anything but cookie-cutter.”  — Nick Levine, Vice


Stella Donnelly

“Stella Donnelly’s marvelous debut album proper, possessing the vivid clarity of a set of diary entries and framed in a set of infectious, deftly produced songs; the 26-year-old artist is calling out abusive men, terrible bosses, racists, and clueless partners, and in the process she depicts her growth as an empowered young woman and burgeoning artist. Whether breezy or stripped back, each of her tunes are dipped in an introspective brutality or a sardonic twist, that reveals itself as you pay closer attention to each song.” – Bill Cummings, Gods in the TV



“Whitney gently approach their feelings and their views on relationships, sharing their stories with such empathy that make us believe whatever challenges life has in store for us, we will somehow be able to manage them.” – NBHAP

Other Recent News


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