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From Shura:

“I met Jono in the rainforest just outside of Byron Bay. It was my first time in Australia and I’d been messaging Stella (from Warpaint) who I also think I’d never met in real life about meeting up and hanging out. It was summer in Australia but it was a rainy day and my hotel was on the beach so it didn’t seem to make much sense to stay there and look out at the sea in the rain. Stella invited me to come on a hike with Jono which sounded like exactly the kind of thing to do on a stormy summer’s day. I turned up to the meeting point and hopped into a car with them and we drove for an hour or so to start our hike up to a waterfall. I remember on the way home Jono blasted his remix of the Jurassic Park theme song with the windows down. I had a new camera that I didn’t know how to use at the time so all I got were these blurry pictures of Stella and Jono and a tree. It’s funny to me that as a touring musician you often end up meeting up with other musicians who you’ve shared messages with online but have never met because you’re all in the same boat of being in different parts of the world for a few days and not knowing anyone. With Jono and Stella being from Australia it was nice to get to see a side to it I would never have seen if they weren’t familiar with the area. It was probably around that time that we decided to work on something together at some point and we finally got to on forevher. Jono and I did a few days together on a song called ‘skyline, be mine’ and so he was one of the first people I got in touch with when it came to remixes on the album because I love his work and because he’s a great human.”


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