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Dave Fischoff

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Ever since releasing his critical acclaimed album The Crawl, Dave Fischoff has been busy reworking songs by others under the moniker Spoolwork. His reworking of the Jens Lekman song “I’m Leaving You Because I Don’t Love You” is getting some attention and can be found at the Spoolwork Myspace page. See what these people had… Read more »

DAVE FISCHOFF reveals new live band, tour dates

Plucking musicians from such bands as The 1900’s, The Notes and Scratches, Blue Ribbon Glee Club, and Trio In Stereo, Dave Fischoff has assembled a cast able to bring his studio mastery to a live setting. This is no small feat. Dave’s album, “The Crawl” is sonically expansive, full of organic sounds (drum breaks, violins, trumpets, bells,… Read more »

DAVE FISCHOFF Podcasts, Gets Love From NPR

It’s been a couple months since the release of DAVE FISCHOFF’s The Crawl, but there has been a lot of recent action and attention we’d like to share with you. First of all, we are proud to announce the release of Dave Fischoff’s first ever music video. The clip is for the song “Small Drifts”… Read more »