We are so happy to share with you the beautiful and moving new video for Antony and the Johnson’s “Thank You For Your Love.” The video includes Super 8 footage thatAnohni shot when she first moved to New York in the early 90’s. It’s a step back in time to when we did not know Anohni, where we can see where she was and contemplate where her art would go. Artistically it moves forward while simultaneously looking back.

More info on the Thank You for Your Love EP and the upcoming LP Swanlights after the jump.

“Thank You For Your Love” is the title-track of Anohni’s forthcoming EP that we will release on August 24th in North America. It is also the lead single from Anohni’s next album Swanlights due out October 12 in North America. The album is now available for pre-order including bundles consisting of the full length CD and EP, vinyl LP and EP, and book with CD and EP. Those who purchase the bundles will instantly receive an advance download of the EP. The pre-order is up at www.swanlights.com.

On October 12, Abrams Image will simultaneously release a special edition of Swanlights which will include the CD inside a 144-page hard cover book containing Anohni’s paintings, collages, photography and writing. The album only version of Swanlights will also include the song “Flétta”, a duet with Björk. The album and book are a continuation of Anohni’s work exploring her connection to the natural world.